phios ag


Our field of application is as diverse as the applications of our customers. PHIOS AG intervenes where it makes sense: As project support, when processes are not running optimally. As a complete development team, if the programming work is to be done outside the company. With expertise and know-how transfer, if the resources for implementation are available within the company.

We enjoy the realization of digitilization and transformation projects in all economic sectors. Whether industry, trade or administration. And because this enjoyment is the central driving force behind our activities, we only take on those projects that promise success in the end. Together, our expertise protects us from hopeless projects that cost you a lot of money and us the joy of our work.

PHIOS AG looks through your glasses. In every project, our employees pay strict attention to seeing the world from the perspective of your company. Internal training ensures that our employees always have your business model, your goals and your possibilities in mind. We do not visualize ourselves. But your project. Could we convince you?